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Welcome to the NEW 15 Now Tacoma website

Who We Are

We are a single-issue coalition of your neighbors and co-workers. Our single-issue goal is to raise the minimum wage to at least $15/hr.

Our stakeholders are working-class Tacomans, low-wage workers, retired people, community activists, religious activists, labor activists, and friends fighting for a dignified minimum wage.

We are nonpartisan, and we welcome all who share our goal regardless of political or religious affiliation, race or nationality, sexuality or sexual orientation.

We seek to reflect the breadth and depth of Tacoma’s diverse working class.

We’re Fighting for a Minimum Wage that’s a Living Wage! Join Us

Should the Bosses Be on Welfare?

If you work hard all day and need public assistance to make ends meet, your boss is asking the welfare system to subsidize their business labor costs. That’s unfair to both taxpayers and low-wage workers.

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Help Raise Tacoma’s Minimum Wage

  • Attend one of our organizing meetings.
  • Help us collect signatures to qualify Initiative 9.
  • Check here or on our Facebook page for organized signature gathering meetups.
  • Use the form below to EMAIL US or CALL US at 253-777-3703.
  • Be sure to look through our Blog.
  • Check out our Fight Back articles
  • Check out our News and Views articles.
  • Invite a 15 Now Tacoma representative to speak at an event, your union, neighborhood group.
  • Spread the word and help this issue go viral. Tweet this website, share it on social media like Facebook, etc.
  • Check out our old website and see the richness of experience and material we gained the last time we tried this.
  • See our About Page and learn more about us.

Contact Form

Contact us with questions or offers of help and resources.

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